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Illuminate the best talent for your business

Our premium recruitment product is ideal for any organisation looking to hire for a business-critical role that requires specific focus.

Focus on what matters

Hiring for a business-critical role requires specific focus, and we’ve found many organisations aren’t adequately equipped to manage the process, leaving costs to spiral and timelines to slip. Our extensive experience of working closely with clients has shown that waiting for in-house methods to produce results or hoping an agency will deliver for you are just not adequate solutions.

From this client need we built Spotlight, our premium recruitment product for business-critical roles. Spotlight allows your Hiring Managers to focus on their day jobs while our team of experts carry out all 1st stage interviews, saving them significant time. You will retain us on an exclusive basis so we can focus the additional time, tools and resources to ensure we find you the best candidates in the marketplace.

  • Attract the best
    Increase exposure of your business-critical roles to the best candidates in the marketplace – they are often working for your competitors.
  • Save Time
    Reduce your time to hire by at least half.
  • Make them count
    No more wasted 1st stage interviews.
  • Profile Matching
    Our guarantee that all candidates will meet the minimum profile standard agreed with your Hiring Manager.
  • Time Management
    Multiple Managers can review 1st stage interviews at a convenient time in their diary.
  • Improve Success
    Increase interview-to-hire ratio to over 70%.

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The Spotlight package

  • 1st Stage Interview
    1st stage interview questions pre-agreed with your Hiring Manager.
  • CV shortlisting
    Review the CV shortlist alongside 1st stage interviews at a time convenient to you.
  • Pricing Structure
    Unique pricing proposition with shared risk and cost saving.
  • Interview Rooms
    Candidate 1st stage interview recorded in your own branded interview room.
  • Campaign Management
    Branded advertising and social media campaign.
  • Payment Plans
    Subscription payment plan available for startups to reduce initial outlay.

What people say about us

Working with Fruition - client testimonials

They genuinely want to deliver a great experience for both candidates and managers

Why did cap hpi chose to work with Fruition?

They understand our brand, process, business objectives and culture

Fruition - Project Services

Their knowledge of the market sets them apart from other agencies

Why TUV SUD chose to work with Fruition

By adopting a headhunter style approach Fruition found me sought after Cybersecurity talent

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