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Get Your Dream Job With a Killer CV

Getting a job you really want is all about making a great impression. Your CV is the critical first step in getting your foot in the door. If it doesn’t sell your skills, or promote your achievements, you might never get to the interview stage, since employers have so many CVs to sift through. As […]

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Competency Based Interviews: Our Essential Tips

If you’ve been invited to a competency based interview, you might be apprehensive about the challenge. In truth, competency based interviews aren’t that different to ordinary job interviews. You just need a new approach, including a lot more preparation, and the confidence to shine a positive light on your actions. The interviewers will expect you […]

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How to Ace Your Job Interview – Fruition IT

For many hardened professionals, job interviews are still the stuff of nightmares. Anxiety is understandable; after all, the interview is the key to your new challenge, and, potentially, a higher income too. While you can never predict the questions you’ll be asked, you can give yourself a better chance of impressing the interview panel by […]

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