Career Health Check


Here at Fruition IT, our team of specialist recruitment experts are on hand to provide you with valuable support in order to progress your career in the right direction.


We will assess your profile and provide you with expert advice, industry knowledge and a structured report to help guide you in achieving your career goals.

In order to decide where you want to go in your career, first you need to understand where you are right now.

Our Process

  • Salary Benchmarking
    What is your current value in the market? How can you improve this?
  • Skills
    What are your key skills? Are there any gaps you could fill to increase your market value?
  • Trends
    What’s coming? And what to avoid!
  • CV
    What areas do you need to build on in order to achieve your 2-5 year goals?
  • Experience
    Are you working to the most current methodologies, approaches or platforms?

After reviewing these areas with you over a coffee, we’ll pass the findings over to one of our experts in your field and provide you with an action plan with all the guidance you need to accomplish your career goals.

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