Top 5 virtual interviews tips for hiring managers

For most recruiters, too, virtual interviews are an equally new experience


Following our previous blog post offering hints and tips for candidates, for most recruiters, too, virtual interviews are an equally new experience.

Interviewing in any form takes time and effort, and there are natural concerns among employers about getting the most from the virtual process, particularly when they are in a position to make the right recruitment decisions on the back of it.

Here, we offer our best practice advice from a hiring manager’s perspective.

Helpful Hints for Hiring Managers

1. Plan out a process

If you haven’t conducted interviews virtually before, it is a good idea to sit down and work out how you intend to run them (what platform, who will take part on your side etc). Share this with your team and provide an opportunity to troubleshoot potential issues.

2. Share the process clearly with candidates

Communicating exactly how the interview process will work with candidates will help to put them at ease and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings which lead to lost time. Share the plan in plenty of time and include things like your expectations, timelines, names of interviewers and so on.

3. Practice a compelling company culture pitch

Interviews are primarily about candidates selling their skills and potential value to your business, but there is also an element of you convincing them that your company is a great place to work. If you haven’t done the ‘culture pitch’ virtually before, have a test run with some colleagues. As with candidates, being persuasive via video link is subtly different than in person, with the medium creating certain limitations with regards to body language and so on which are best ironed out with practice.

4. Be professional and personable

This should be a given in any interview situation from either side, but it’s important to remember that the novelty of the virtual environment could knock you off your stride. It pays to be more conscious than you might normally be of things like your tone of voice, mannerisms, the language you use and so on. Again, practice will help you get this right when it comes to the real thing.

5. Assume you’ll be taking notes throughout the interview

When you are in the same room as a candidate, it is very obvious to them when you are taking notes during the interview. But on camera, they might wonder why you keep looking down, or why they can suddenly hear typing. Explain that you will be taking notes to put them at ease, and invite them to carry on with their answers.

How can we support your virtual hiring process?

If you’re new to remote interviewing and would like some support with your virtual hiring process, our team of IT and Tech experts are on-hand to help you achieve your recruitment objectives.

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