The Day in the life of a Service Delivery Manager at TransUnion

We spoke to Olivia Tomlinson, Service Delivery Manager, about her role and life at TransUnion.

Olivia Tomlinson, Service Delivery Manager at TransUnion

What exactly is a Service Delivery Manager?

Service Delivery Managers (SDM’s) sit within IT. We work to represent and be the ‘voice of the customer’ and are responsible for making sure that services are being seamlessly delivered to the clients of the organization. SDM’s have spheres of influence into IT Service & Operations Improvement, Product Development & Delivery, Supplier Service Management and Stakeholders & Clients. 

Why did you want to become a Service Delivery Manager?

I was always very customer/client driven and felt the role would be a natural fit for me.  I also really enjoy IT, the ITIL framework and I’m passionate about process improvements. I love how every day is different in the role and that I’d be constantly learning new things. 

How did you get started at TransUnion and how did you progress?

My journey at TransUnion began in September 2015 when I graduated from Leeds University. I joined the Client Service Desk in an entry level Analyst position and after a thorough, detailed and supportive induction I gained a great knowledge of our products and services. I enjoyed working as part of a team, speaking with our clients and providing excellent customer service. After 1 year I was promoted to a Senior Client Service Desk Analyst and began providing 24x7 support to our clients ‘on-call’.  18 months after that I was promoted to Team Leader/Tech Lead and attained an NVQ qualification in People Leadership and Management through TransUnion’s involvement in the Apprenticeship Levy. In February 2020 I then joined the Service Delivery team and worked to gain the experience and competency to become a fully fledged Service Delivery Manager- which I became in April 2021. 

What are your core skills? 

I believe I’m organised, customer-focused, have strong interpersonal and communication skills and a good eye for detail. 

How long have you worked for TransUnion? 

Since September 2015- so nearly 6 years. 

What made you choose to join TransUnion ahead of other organisations?

First impressions count and I was blown away by how nice everyone I spoke to was, from the Security and Reception staff to the individuals who interviewed me. The office building was centrally located in Leeds and it was very large and modern with good facilities such as break-out ‘pods’ and a Café on the top floor serving hot breakfast and lunch. I also appreciated the generous benefits TransUnion as an organised offered!

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

Every day is different in the role I’m in, but it will always involve collaborating with other areas and teams, pushing and encouraging correct process and having the customer at the heart of everything.

What makes TransUnion a great place work? Why is it different? 

I feel supported with everything I do, by my team, manager and senior leadership. My career is progressing well here and it’s due to the opportunities TransUnion have provided me. More recently the global days off and the ‘flexible Fridays’ scheme have proven that TransUnion recognise the hard work staff have put in and care about their employees mental and physical wellbeing. 

What project are you most proud of? 

I’m most proud to have been part of the successful delivery of WAF (Web Application Firewalls) this year- a very important project which was key to improving and maintaining the security of our products and services. This project involved a heavy amount of client and internal stakeholder communications and took months of planning as each individual service had to be planned within client impacting maintenance windows, with a risk that if clients had not made the relevant Changes on their side, they would encounter issues. This project was a great success with excellent feedback received from the senior leadership team so I feel proud to have played a part in that. 

What does the future hold for the world of IT?

We have a number of things on the IT Roadmap but one of the biggest parts of our future is Project Rise- moving our products and services to the Cloud. This will be a big piece of work with a heavy amount of client communication and support potentially required, however it’s really exciting as we will see the benefits such as improving Product performance and aiming to achieve monthly availability of 99.999%. 

What exciting things are on the horizon for TransUnion?

See above!

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