The Day in the life of a Senior Linux Engineer at TransUnion

We spoke to Steve Moyes, Senior Linux Engineer, about his role and life at TransUnion.

The day in the life at TransUnion

What exactly is a Senior Linux Engineer?

A senior engineer is a person that the team rely on, to make decisions, advise on process/procedure and be the glue between team members and the wider business.

Why did you want to become a Senior Linux Engineer?

I’ve loved Linux since 2002 and never looked back. I was curious and as I got better wanted to turn a hobby into a job. Worked my way up and here I am.

How did you get started in the world of TransUnion and how did you progress?

A colleague from a previous company had been with TU for a few years and my then role was coming to an end. The opportunity to start at TU came up and I leaped at the chance.

What are your core skills? 

My core is Linux, I’m an avid Gentoo user, so building the OS from source and customising everything to be streamlined and inline with my way of working.  This is how I learned Linux and gave me a great start using Redhat and other distros.

How long have you worked for TransUnion? 

I have worked for TU for a little over 2 years.

What made you choose to join TransUnion ahead of other organisations?

I needed a company that would allow me to grow and my colleague reassured me of that.

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

I always start my day with daily checks, followed by email, messages and tickets.  This gives me a base to work on.  Any issues present are worked on or escalated. On top of this are tasks that come from managers/users throughout the day.  This could be attending meetings, performing adhoc jobs like problem investigation and customer requests.

What makes TransUnion a great place work? Why is it different? 

The atmosphere and the staff (especially my immediate team mates).  In previous jobs, I would specialise and pretty much work on my own.  At TU, I still specialise, but I have a wider skillset, continuously developing and have colleagues that are willing to learn from me.

What project are you most proud of? 

The UK Splunk and RStudio projects.

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