The Day in the life of a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at TransUnion

We spoke to Mike, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, about his role and life at TransUnion.

Mike - Senior Infrastructure Engineer at TransUnion

What exactly is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer?

As part of a team, one of our main focuses is to automate the processes and workflow.  We also support most teams with infrastructure related issues when no one else can.

Why did you want to become a Senior Infrastructure Engineer?

For me it was a natural progression from starting out in a level 1 helpdesk role over 20 years ago and moving up an into server support, then server automation.

How did you get started at TransUnion and how did you progress?

I joined in the current position.

What are your core skills? 

  • PowerShell scripting and automation,
  • Trouble-shooting and problem solving,
  • Ability to quickly learn new skills and apply them effectively,
  • Project management (to a small degree).

How long have you worked for TransUnion? 

3+ Years.

What made you choose to join TransUnion ahead of other organisations?

Their staff seemed friendly and helpful.  The interview process was fun and relaxing.

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

When we were in the office, most days start out with getting breakfast with the team in the company café.  We talk about issues that may be holding us up or just letting off steam.  It’s a good way to see what people are up to and if we can help – outside of the normal processes we have or this.

I then have a daily service update to go over any issues that occurred overnight, followed by a daily team technical change management process.

Once a week I have a team round table to talk about what we are planning to do for the week ahead, and an opportunity for other people to help.

My time is then spent on a few tickets or project work, or if anyone requires my time for help on their own work issues.

If it’s a nice day we might hit the local pub for a quick drink (alcohol optional) or walk into town to get lunch.

The rest of the day is spent helping other team members and dealing with BAU tickets, project work or any other requests that come in.

What makes TransUnion a great place work? Why is it different? 

TransUnion has a relaxed feel to it.  We are not usually pressured too much, with the management team taking the brunt of requests from PMs and other managers, leaving us time to get on and do the work we need to.

During the COVID lockdown, we have been given 3 extra days as holiday (so far), when the entire company closed to give people time to spend away from the computer and with family.  TU really does look after its staff.

When in the office, the company has a Café that provides a great selection of meals during the day as well as a trolly service twice a day.

What project are you most proud of? 

During my time at TU I have been involved in a lot of high profile projects for the company.

The one I am most proud of is a PowerShell module I wrote to automate the use of a security management tool we use.  It has saved many hours of work for teams around the world, both internal to TU and external companies – it has been published as open source on github and the Microsoft PowerShell gallery: search for Rapid7Nexpose.

What does the future hold for the world of Automation?

IT is an ever changing landscape with new technologies coming out all the time.  Automation is a big force here at TU and should be for most companies.

What exciting things are on the horizon for TransUnion?

As we further integrate into our parent company there will be more collaboration with them on how to automate their processes and speed up the delivery time of services.

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