The Day in the life of a CIO at TransUnion

We spoke to Ann-Marie Orange, CIO, about her role and life at TransUnion.

The day in the life at TransUnion

What exactly is a CIO?

My role ultimately means I am responsible for the UK Technology strategy, both development and delivery. I oversee our design, build and run of our products which serve our customers.  Ensuring we deliver high quality products with high availability. I need to ensure our technology people and process’ remain agile, responding quickly to trends, changes, and the needs of the organization.

Why did you want to become an CIO?

I had looked after Product Delivery for a number of years in this organisation, and in previous roles had been responsible for IT Operations and Support, so when the opportunity arose here, it seemed like a great fit to take the next step. I like seeing this get delivered, I like an ‘end product’ so this role gives me that opportunity. I also know that we are only as good as the people we work with, so I thought moving into this role I would have more ability to shape how we work and how we create a great culture so attract great talent.

How did you get started at TransUnion and how did you progress?

I actually started here on a 6 month contract, I didn’t know the organisation and came to do one specific role for a period of time, and within a few months I was offered the opportunity of the role of looking after delivery for our Credit Business, which I took and the rest is history.

What are your core skills? 

Delivery, problem solving, working with people.

How long have you worked for TransUnion? 

6 years, nearly 7.

What made you choose to join TransUnion ahead of other organisations?

It was a temporary gig initially, so if I am honest did not put that much thought in, but quickly realised it was the right place for me.

Can you describe a typical day in the office?

There isn’t one – and the virtual office is no different.  Depends what day of the week it is as there is a pattern.  Mondays is very much service focussed, Tuesdays is often Exec Team work, Wednesdays is focussed on ‘run’ the business, Thursdays is ‘grow’ the business, and Friday is ‘catch up’ on everything I have not done!
I find trying to structure the week means I get time to focus on ‘important’ not just ‘urgent’ as we can all get too distracted with urgent and let ourselves get consumed.

What makes TransUnion a great place work? Why is it different? 

The people, so cliché and all organisations perhaps say this, but it is the people and the culture, the pandemic and how we have responded to this has validated this even further.

What project are you most proud of? 

GDPR – whilst maybe not the most exciting, it was a massive undertaking that meant the whole business needed to pull together with a single goal, that always helps.

What does the future hold for the world of CRA’s?

A fast evolving area, with lots of new emerging organisations coming into the data ecosystem.   We need to be operating in the cloud, able to respond quickly to all opportunities.

What exciting things are on the horizon for TransUnion?

We have launched a number of new products over the last couple of years and we are really starting to see them do well in the market. We want to complete our cloud migration giving us the ultimate agility we need for the future.

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