Serving the Tech Sector, One Survey at a Time


We’re proud to announce that Fruition IT is partnering with Northcoders and Sky Betting and Gaming to conduct a survey of the UK tech market, and help kickstart careers in tech!

The survey aims to build a clear picture of the tech market today. What motivates an individual to seek out a career in tech? What drives IT professionals to stay in their current role? Or look for a new one?

The survey will also cover trends in the contract market, and look at the effects of both IR35 and the Covid-19 pandemic on tech employment, in order to identify key trends that have emerged in the sector within the last year. 

Fruition IT’s aim is to produce insightful market information that can be shared with the Fruition network in order to help companies with their candidate retention and candidate attraction strategies. Their hope is also that the survey can help to reiterate the importance of the tech workforce within the UK – which now accounts for a staggering 9% of the country’s total labour market, and employs over 102,000 people in Leeds alone. 

In addition to providing insight into the digital sector, the survey will also help to kickstart careers in tech:

"Fruition’s support for Coding Bootcamp bursaries is a fantastic top-up to the new government funding for coding bootcamp training and will allow us to increase our reach to even more people." Chris Hill, Founder and CEO of Northcoders

By pledging to donate £5 for every survey completed, Fruition IT will be helping to fund a Nothcoders bursary for one of their coding bootcamps. Over the course of the 13-week programme, the coding bootcamp provides participants with the skills to build a career in tech, and the bursary fund helps to support participants by covering necessary expenses like travel or childcare.

For many of the people who take part, the Coding Bootcamp is an opportunity to progress in their current career, or to establish an entirely new one – with previous bootcamp graduates describing the course as not only providing a positive, encouraging learning environment, but one that welcomes people from all walks of life, and helps them to discover their full potential. 

“Perhaps there’s a Mum who has been considering a career change to support her young family? Or someone who loves tech but just didn’t get the opportunity at a younger age and now feels frustrated in an unfulfilling job.

Sadly, not everyone has the freedom to consider this, largely for financial reasons. There’s the cost of the actual training to consider and other considerations like the cost of childcare, travel or not being able to work whilst training. This is where WE can come together to help!” Sarah Pawson, Managing Director at Fruition IT and Fruition Consulting

The survey – which takes just 5 minutes to complete – is available until the end of August, and for every one completed, Fruition IT will donate £5 to the Northcoders bursary fund, helping to create real opportunities within the digital sector for those who might otherwise be unable to fund the course.  

You can play your part by completing the survey, and helping Fruition IT to make a difference to someone’s future career, HERE. Work in tech? Why not share the survey with your friends and colleagues to maximise the donation amount? 

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