Fruition Insights: JavaScript skills in the UK

How are JavaScript skills rising across the UK

JavaScript skills in the UK

As IT recruiters we’ve recently seen a rise in the need for skilled tech people with JavaScript skills. With access to unique data we wanted to see how the JavaScript industry has risen (or fallen) across the UK, and what the playing field looks like.

Take a look below for our findings on JavaScript skills within the United Kingdom.

Skills: JavaScript, Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js, Node.js

Location: United Kingdom

JavaScript Skills across the United Kingdom

JavaScript in the UK snapshot

262,049 JavaScript professions in the UK with Vue.js, React.js, Angular.js or Node.js skills.
51,058 of these professionals changed job between March 2020 and March 2021.
The average tenure for JavaScript Developer is 1.3 years.
Currently there are 24,391 jobs that need the skill JavaScript being advertised.

Gender Breakdown

  • 17% Female
  • 83% Male

As with much of the IT and tech industry it comes as no surprise to see males dominating JavaScript skills. There is a further debate here on how do we encourage more women into tech and how do we close this gender gap? We try to answer some of these questions in our women in tech series.


  • Average total compensation (including benefits and bonuses) is £79,500.
  • Salary can range from £32,800 up to £151,800 depending on experience.

The range of salaries with JavaScript skills shows the potential of growth and job variety. It’s certainly something we see when looking at our recent jobs with JavaScript skills. If you are a JavaScript professional or looking to hire JavaScript into your business use our Salary Checker to benchmark salaries against the industry.

Top Skills

Top skills based on the number of JavaScript Developers reporting to have these skills:

  • JavaScript – 95%
  • HTML – 54%
  • SQL 54%

Top growing skills based on the number of JavaScript Developers reporting to have these skills vs 2020:

  • Back End Web Development - +61%
  • TypeScript - +47%
  • React.js - +45%

It comes as no surprise to see JavaScript as the top skill, and while HTML and SQL may be the most popular skills they are by no means the hottest. Back End Web Development has seen a significant rise since 2020, as has TypeScript and React.js.

Top companies hiring

Companies with the most live jobs asking for JavaScript skills:

  • Amazon – 128 jobs
  • JP Morgan & Chase – 82 jobs
  • AWS – 51 jobs

Companies with the most JavaScript Developers currently working there:

  • Sky – 1074 
  • Facebook – 1069
  • JP Morgan & Chase – 1003

The number of JavaScript Developers in UK businesses are rising, since 2020 Sky has increased its JavaScript workforce by 10%, and Facebook has increased its share by a staggering 50%! It’s great to see big businesses like Sky growing their JavaScript potential.

Job Titles

Top job title for professionals with JavaScript, node.js, Vue.js, Angular.js or React.js skills:

  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Director

Job titles which have seen the most growth for JavaScript professionals since 2020:

  • Graduate Software Engineer (+43%)
  • Tutor (+43%)
  • Platform Engineer (+35%)

There is a wide variety of job roles that need JavaScript skills. It’s great to see such high growth for Graduate job titles as this might suggest more people choosing IT and Tech at university and choosing engineering as a career.


Total number of JavaScript Developers in top areas vs current live ads in that area:

  • London - 72,664 JavaScript Developers vs 1555 jobs
  • Manchester - 11,258 professionals vs 758 jobs
  • Leeds - 6788 professionals vs 281 jobs

It comes as no surprise to see London at the top of the rankings but as a Yorkshire based tech recruitment agency we love seeing Leeds in the top 3. We don’t just recruit in Yorkshire though, take a look at our latest roles in London, Manchester, Leeds and the rest of the UK.

What is most important to JavaScript Developers?

Good work life balance
Excellent compensation and benefits
Flexible work arrangements
Colleagues and culture that inspire employees to do their best
Convenient commute to work

Source: LinkedIn Employer Value Propositions Survey between February 2020 - January 2021

These results tell us that money is no longer the number one driver when looking for a new job, while it is still important (54% of respondents) the work life balance and culture of a company are the real driving force now – is this a result of Covid-19 and more people realising the potential of working from home?


It’s clear that demand for JavaScript skills has continued to rise since March 2020. With the average tenure only being 1.3 years for JavaScript Developers, businesses are going to have to do a lot more to focus on retention of JavaScript Developers at their company.

If you have JavaScript skills and looking for your next role, head over to our jobs and we might just have your next role!

If you’re looking to hire JavaScript skills into your business or you would like to see how our data can help support your growth, get in touch today!

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