A day in the life of Ryan - a software engineer


Ryan is a Software Engineer at Sky Betting and Gaming.

Tribe and the product you work on:

Gaming – Promotions Squad

Technologies/tools used:

NodeJS, Chef, Kafka, MySQL, Redis, Docker. You name it, we probably use it somewhere

Briefly describe what it’s like to work in your tribe on a daily basis?

Most days start with looking at the backlog of work on Jira and seeing what needs doing next. This could be absolutely anything, which means that no two days are ever the same. It could involve adding some cool new feature for one of the services we look after, it could be creating new VMs to add to a service to increase capacity, or it could be chatting to the rest of the squad to work out where we want to be in six month’s time.

What has been your proudest moment at Sky Betting and Gaming?

My proudest moment at SBG was probably delivering our new service to live and seeing customers interact with it. We started the project from scratch and over the next few months we took it right through to production. SBG gives us a lot of autonomy, so we got to be involved at every step of the process – design and implementation, provisioning the servers, deployment of the final service, then testing everything.

Your favourite three things about working for Sky Betting and Gaming:

1.    The people are friendly, helpful and relaxed
2.    No two days are ever the same
3.    Time during work to develop the skills I want to develop (guaranteed L&D time)

An interesting fact that no one knows about you:

I was the office foosball champion at my previous job. Haven’t played in a while, but I’m going to assume I’m still great at it.

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