Security in Nuremberg! IT-SA 2018 – The Review

The security practice at Fruition IT has been established now for just over a year and grown progressively on an international scale. Being based in a different country to where you conduct large parts of your business, any opportunity to have face time is highly valuable. With ambitions to become the go-to supplier for security experts in Germany, it is important for us to understand the marketplace, the trends and what brings value to organisations who are expanding in security.

Visiting the IT-SA conference in Nuremberg is probably as close as you can get to the perfect chance to meet with clients and candidates in one place.

For those who don’t know, IT-SA is Europe’s largest IT Security Exhibition. Lasting 3 days and held in Nuremberg’s impressive exhibition centre, it’s grown in size year on year and in 2018, played host to 696 exhibitors and 14,290 visitors. The exhibition is spread over 3 large halls with each containing a variety of Security vendors, consultancies and service providers offering up new products and services. There were also 5 open forums where some of the industry’s leading experts delivered a range of talks across hottest Security topics from 2018 and what to look out for in 2019 and beyond.

Amongst the 14,000 or so visitors were 4 of Fruition’s very own IT security team. Being the first time the whole team were attending the exhibition, and all specialising in different verticals within security, we all set out with our own plans for the day. Prior to attending, I’d identified a number of forum talks to see and pre-booked meetings, however I was keen to make sure I was able to take in the whole event as well. Being able to approach, converse and network with some of the market leading players was a real highlight. To hear and understand each individuals approach and thoughts on the security sector was a real eye opener and demonstrated how well (or not in some cases!) we are prepared for a Cyber Security attack.

Another highlight were the open forums. The majority of the talks lasted around 20 minutes, all of which provided great insight. Whether it was 4 heavyweights debating the future of IT Security or professionals going into depth about the weak links of Social Engineering, all were excellent learning tools and gave great solutions in how people in general can be more aware and prepared for Cyber Security attacks.

The day wound down around late afternoon and in the evening, many of the exhibitions provide food, beverages and in some cases live music! Again this presented the opportunity for us to pick the brains of a few more security professionals albeit in a bit more relaxed environment and a well-earned beer in hand.

Having spent the best part of two days attending the exhibition, it’s difficult to summarise just how informative and valuable the event can be for anyone interested or working within the IT Security sector. Being a relative novice in Security compared to a large proportion of the attendees, it was refreshing to be able to mix with some of industries elite and learn off of their experiences and predictions. I know the team and I came back far more knowledgeable as well as an expanded network.

I’d like to thank all the professionals that gave me their time over the two days as well as the contributors whose presentations were excellent.

For anyone who is interested in seeing any of the presentations, they can be found on the IT-SA website (

Alternatively if you are interested in having any further discussions, you can reach the team via the below contact details:

Simon Jowett (Cyber Security)

Mathew Turek (Senior Appointments / CISO, Head, VP)

Patrick Culliney (Information Security & Data Protection)

Tom Whitaker (Sales & Pre-Sales)

Jonathan Woodhead (Network Security)