Leeds Women in Tech the unsung heroes

When it comes to women in tech, Yorkshire is rarely in the spotlight, but there are many women here who should be celebrated for their achievements.

It’s important to highlight the great work happening in Yorkshire in order to improve our chances of retaining vital female talent in the region.

However, it’s quite often the unsung heroes that go under the radar. There are many women in our region who are not only carving out their careers in technology but also helping to spread awareness, inspire our next generation and create opportunities for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. In recognition of Ada Lovelace Day we will be featuring some of these unsung heroes through a series of blogs.

Some of these brilliant ladies organise community events, meetups, conferences including an international festival! Some are working on new initiatives to encourage girls to take up STEM subjects at school. Some are working with the most vulnerable people in our community to get them online through schemes such as tablet lending & an online network of centres. Some sit on advisory boards at our Universities to help give our graduates the best chance of securing employment so that our great City can also retain our budding talent.

All of these ladies are passionate and driven to shout about what brilliant opportunities working in technology has given them, not only for their personal careers but also for the brilliant community work they do often volunteering in their free time whilst juggling busy lives as Mums, Lead Singers of punk bands, ballroom dancers, foodies, dog owners and house renovators!

We look forward to sharing with you some of their stories in the coming weeks. I’m particularly looking forward to catching up with, or meeting some of these inspirational women for the first time at the Empowering Women with Science and Technology event tonight at Leeds Central Library to celebrate Ada Lovelace day.



Fruition IT’s Unsung Heroes

All of whom have kindly contributed to our upcoming series on women in tech.

Gwen Diagram – Principal Test Engineer – Sky and Co-organiser of Leeds Testing Atelier

Natasha Sayce-Zelem – Head of Technology at Sky, Founder of Empowering Women with Tech, Festival Director for the technology programme at Leeds International Festival 2017-2018 and Curator of Leeds Digital

Anna Broadhurst – Agile and Lean Consultant at Infinity Works, Agile in Leeds

Lauren Lewis – Data Engineer at The DataShed, and Ladies of Code


Sally Bogg – Head of End User Services at Leeds Beckett University, Women In IT Business Role Model of the year 2018, Chair of UCISA Annual Conference Organising Committee

Claire Duffield – Digital Engagement Librarian at Leeds City Council

Claire Garside – Co-Founder at the Foundation for Digital Creativity and Leeds Raspberry Jam