Leeds Sharp – From Monolith to Microservice using Azure and What’s New in C#8

As an IT graduate, I am definitely not an experienced ‘techie’ however as an avid learner when it comes to the technology world I have decided to write a monthly blog after every Leeds Sharp event about what I have learnt. I’m hoping my blog will help understand what the Leeds Sharp Meet Up is all about or for those new Developers out there that are just starting out.

Leeds Sharp is a great event for anyone with a passion for the Microsoft technology stack. This meet up gives me the chance to keep on learning and to meet new people that are passionate about what they do. This is for everyone and anyone from a novice to an expert when it comes to software development.

So here goes….

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog and or an attendee of Leeds Sharp, you’ll know that Fruition IT sponsor the event and this month I had the honour of speaking. I gave a brief introduction to myself and why I attend Leeds Sharp and what my commitment is to the world of .Net. Just to let you know, I’ve never been so nervous in my life!!!

Anyway, this month’s event was such a great turn out (FULL HOUSE). There were two talks 1. From Monolith to Microservices using Azure and What’s new in C# 8.

The questions that are on everyone’s mind (if you’re a developer that is) How do you scale an over engineer monolith intended for millions of users? How do you fix bugs and add new features to a codebase that’s impossible to understand? How can you avoid rewriting everything yet make the application perform as it was intended? How do you do all of this while the app is LIVE and being used by many users every day?

The answer: restructure it into small maintainable chunks – microservices!

We also looked into the infrastructure components that you can use with limited knowledge on getting started using microservices, focusing on utilising Azure Functions and API Management Gateway to build a large API.

Code was then reviewed which showed the iterative changes that had to be made to ensure the monolithic app could scale, such as building a new authentication “service” based on IdentityServer and restructuring specific components into Azure.

The second talk was how C# is constantly evolving and that there are rumours of C#8 launching later on in the year and the key features that you(developers) will be able to use. The most likely features include Nullable Reference Types, Asynchronous Streams and Default interface implementations.

Everyone is welcome to Leeds Sharp and you don’t have to be developer, you just have to have an interest in tech and the .NET Microsoft stack. Go check out the Leeds Sharp page to find out more about the next meetup on the 25th October 2018.


See you all soon!

Fran 🙂