The JVM Thing 7.0

The JVM Thing was born in early 2017 out of a gap in the Yorkshire market for likeminded individuals who could get together and discuss all things JVM. Although there were already a number of well-established meetups covering other technologies, somehow there wasn’t for Java. This fact is a little strange considering Java is one of, if not the most in demand programming languages in Yorkshire right now!

So a Java meetup was created which after the first event was changed to include all JVM languages with the aim of the group being to:

Bring together software enthusiasts to show, tell, share knowledge and discuss key topics related to the JVM ecosystem.

The JVM Thing 7.0 was hosted at Sky with two excellent talks from Richard & Anthony (and also 20 excellent Domino’s pizzas!) both Richard & Anthony are part of the development team at Sky using JVM languages on a daily basis…

After a brief but captivating intro from yours truly, Anthony Sargeant kicked off the talks with his account of working on Sky’s Identity Platform, although nervous for his first talk Anthony did a sterling job which even a non-technical guy like me enjoyed and (almost) understood. The Identity Platform at Sky is not only used in the UK but is also present in Germany, Italy and Ireland with the identity tribe split up into five different areas. Anthony talked through the different technologies that he was working on and also some area’s that the team had struggled with including his “Orchestration headache”.

Anthony went on to discuss Oogway, a legacy part of the Identity Platform written in Java with a Couchbase NoSQL database and REST API. Oogway’s future was called into question, will changes need to be made in the future?!

After a short break in which everyone converged on the fridge to refill on Beer and Diet Coke is was time for the second talk from Richard McIntyre who was talking about “Designing and Deploying a super-fast suite of microservices on the JVM at Sky”.

Richard started off by giving an overview of the Domain Driven Design (DDD) principles that have been employed at Sky including: Bounded Context, Event Storming and contextual validation among others.

One area in particular that I have enjoyed showing off my new found technical knowledge in is CQRS, part of Bounded Context. CQRS stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation the role of this pattern segregates the operations that read data (queries) from the operations that update data (commands) by using separate interfaces. That is about as far as my technical knowledge stretches however a little research has taught me that the main benefit of CQRS comes when handling high performance applications as it allows you to separate the load from reads and writes allowing you to scale each independently.

One thing I definitely understood is that when you go onto Sky’s website and order a Soundbox you are using the super-fast suite of microservices developed by Richard and his team!

We always appreciate your feedback so if you attended and would like to pass on any comments please feel free to email me with any suggestions. We are already in the process of planning the next JVM Thing and are looking for speakers and potential hosts so please get in touch if you want to get involved.

The JVM Thing is not just for career developers, anyone who has an interest in Java, Free pizza, Kotlin Free Beer, Scala and more (JVM languages not complimentary refreshments) is welcome to come along.

Until next time…



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