Case Study – Cloud Analytics


Dudley CCG is responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) health services for Dudley people.
They are headquartered at Brierley Hill Health and Social Care Centre and they provide services to the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley which covers around 305,000 people


Dudley CCG wanted to securely host public facing reports that would be available on their website.

What we did

Alscient proposed building a new group BI platform within AWS for Dudley, which would be used to
host public and internal facing reports created by the Dudley BI team. The new platform utilises:

• SAS Visual Analytics for data exploration, reporting and model building.
• AWS WAF to secure access to the tool for public use.
• Amazon CloudFront to act as a load balancer for requests on the public facing SAS reports.

The environments were built using CloudFormation to build the VPC and SAS EC2 server, along with
Ansible for deploying SAS Visual Analytics.

Reference Architecture


The new BI platform was designed, built and integrated with Dudley CCG’s public facing website within
a 2-week period. New reports and subsequent data migrations were completed within the next 4
months proving the following benefits to Dudley CCG:

• Modern, secure and scalable group wide BI platform to host public and internal facing reports.
• Securely hosted public facing reports on the Dudley CCG Website.
• Secured access to internal facing reports for internal Dudley CCG consumption.