Fruition IT Turns 10!

We did it, we survived! Our 10th Birthday Blog.

I can clearly remember sitting in our first ever office (without a window!) 10 years ago wondering what the future would hold for Fruition IT. As I sit here today a decade on, I could not be prouder of what we have achieved as a business. I’m even prouder of the fact that we haven’t lost sight of who we are and what our business is all about – relationships with people. Our lovely marketing consultant Hannah has encouraged me to write a blog about what we’ve learnt along the way and a bit more about the Fruition IT story. I’m not so sure this is an interesting read for others so I’ll keep it short (blogging isn’t my strong point)!

After many years working for a large corporate IT Agency, Computer People, following a management restructure, I took the opportunity to set up my own business Ambition IT. I immediately made my first mistake in business as knew nothing about trademarks, finding out the hard way a year later when we had to rebrand to Fruition IT. Explaining that one to clients after only 12 months of trading wasn’t easy, but we got through it.

We started our Fruition IT journey in serviced offices on the outskirts of Leeds, no one wanted to work there as the only place you could go for a drink was the Premier Inn next door and we quickly realised a City Centre location was pretty key to attracting staff. We moved to some brilliant serviced offices on the Calls until finding our permanent home at Number 1, York Place.

Our strategy has always been focused around service and relationships, get that right and the rest will look after itself. All that was true in the early days but 10 years on the market has changed, you have to be innovative with your solutions now and as cliché as it sounds think outside the box. The role of a Recruiter has completely evolved and now requires many skills from research to analysis to marketing to sales to technology etc. It’s been vital for us to move with the times and I’m really proud that we’ve set the bar high when it comes to differentiating ourselves and being innovative.

Finally, we have never forgotten we are ultimately a people business; yes we work in the tech sector but being human and normal (ish!) is key to our success. Many of our clients have been with us since 2008 when we started and I’m pretty sure the reason they stick with us (apart from us being good at recruitment!) is because we care about what we do and care about the people we engage with.

Whilst clients and candidate relationships are key, the most important people at Fruition IT are the staff – the ‘Fruition Fam’. We’re an eclectic mix; our ages range from 19 to 50, we all come from different backgrounds and we’re at different stages in our lives and careers but we have common ground – we want to do our very best for the people we encounter every day and we will always have each other’s backs. You should pop into our office on a Friday night at 5.25pm when a client calls in with an urgent contract role – the team pull together, they allocate tasks and they work together until its done. And then they will all pile to the pub together, a job well done.

The ‘Fruition Fam’ have also supported me personally over the past 10 years, rallying round when needed (you know who you are). I now get to juggle 2 very important jobs being the MD of Fruition IT and being a Mum to my twin boys Henry & Louis, not the easiest combination but I’m doing the very best I can at both.

So, a massive THANK YOU to all of our supporters over the past 10 years, I hope you can join us to celebrate at our party in a few weeks’ time.

Cheers All

Sarah x