Find out more about BJSS and why they are ‘the go’ to stand at the Digital Job Fair 4.0

We recently caught up with Karen Burns, Recruitment Manager at BJSS to talk about the forthcoming Leeds Digital Job Fair 4.0 at the First Direct Arena.

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BJSS are one of the leading software delivery and IT advisory consultancies in the UK. They are renowned for technical excellence, cost effective delivery and their proven inhouse Enterprise Agile approach. Their diverse and inclusive workplace delivers award-winning technology solutions to many of Britain and America’s biggest brands.

They are definitely one of the best prospects in the UK to consider for a new role in technology. Find out more about why now.

Why has BJSS decided to exhibit at the Digital Job Fair?

We have exhibited at the Digital Job Fair since its inception. As it is Yorkshire’s biggest tech event It’s an important opportunity to engage with the talented technologists and graduates that are helping Leeds shape Britain’s digital future.

Why is it a good time to consider a career in technology?

A career in technology can provide you with specialist skills that will future proof your career and make you marketable on an international scale. Technology is one of the few sectors that is still growing so it’s a very secure area to work in, it’s also a wide-ranging sector, and the skills are largely transferable.

Why should attendees come and visit your stand?

At our stand this year, we have a great mix of BJSS’ers who work in a wide-range of delivery roles. It’s also a unique opportunity to hear about career opportunities at BJSS and it also gives a great insight into the innovative techniques we use, and the cutting-edge tools we rely on.

What are the most important attributes you look for when hiring for BJSS?

We always look for a combination of a passion for technology, commitment and dedication, innovative thinking and a desire to continue to learn and develop. Most importantly we look at potential and above all, a pride in delivering quality work. you don’t necessarily have to have a great deal of experience – we can help you build that. However, you do need to show passion and client focus, because that characterises BJSS.

Top things about working for your company?

1. The culture, the opportunities and the leading-edge technology.
2. We have a great and collaborative working environment with fantastic offices and a highly motivated team.
3. Outside of our generous benefits packages, we’re an award-winning delivery-focused company and have been named one of Europe’s top 100 companies for two years running.
4. There are several technology roles for you to choose from in Leeds, but only a career at BJSS allows you to work with Britain and America’s largest brands where you’ll get to work with and learn from over 1,000 experienced technologists and experiment with the latest tools and technologies.