Leeds Sharp – The Write Up!

As a recent IT graduate, I am definitely not an experienced ‘techie’ however as an avid learner when it comes to the technology world I have decided to write a monthly blog after every Leeds Sharp event about what I have learnt. I’m hoping my blog will help understand what the Leeds Sharp Meet Up is all about or for those new Developers out there that are just starting out.

Leeds Sharp is a great event for anyone with a passion for the Microsoft technology stack. This meet up gives me the chance to keep on learning and to meet new people that are passionate about what they do. This is for everyone and anyone from a novice to an expert when it comes to software development.

So here goes….comments welcome but be kind please 🙂

It may be a bit late but better late than never, Happy New Year to all my readers! I hope you had a great festive period and you’re looking forward to another great year of tech events.

The first meetup of the year was a success, new venue, new faces and some interesting lightning talks.

The first talk was all about ElasticSearch. If you’re not too sure what this is; ElasticSearch is a distributed RESTful search engine which is capable of solving use cases. You can run it as a service on your laptop, as a docker container, or as a 300 node nodes. You can also use is in production which is practically identical to using it in development. To be able to implement it, you need to create document data models, index the document in data views and retrieving and search across documents. By doing this you are able to have a database repository class, index service class and a search service class.

The next talk was about Product Recommendations using Azure Machine Learning. Product recommendations predictive models based on historical transaction data and information on the product catalog. Before you can use the solution, you need to deploy it. First you need to train your model and that can be done by following the getting started guide. This solution creates a new Azure Resource Group in the subscription with the following components: An Azure WebApp and Azure Storage subscription.

The next talk was about Graph Databases and SQL Server 2017. A graph database is a where the relations between data matter more than the data itself. Modelling friends and friends of friends relationally requires recursive joins. The relations between the data matter more when it is to do with product recommendations, fraud detection, supply chain, social web and understanding customers.

Thanks to everyone who gave great talks at Leeds Sharp, there will be more in the future and I can’t wait to see you all at the next event.
Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to be developer, you just have to have an interest in tech and the .NET Microsoft stack. Why not sign up to the Leeds Sharp page to find out when the next event is: Leeds Sharp – 22nd Feb 2018

See you all next month 🙂