The JVM Thing – 5.0 – Java At Speed: Building A JVM For Modern Workloads

The JVM Thing is kicking off in 2018 in Leeds on Thursday 25th January. We are pleased to announce Java Champion, Simon Ritter will be joining us to present; Java At Speed: Building A JVM For Modern Workloads.
Java is arguably the most popular development platform on the planet, with literally millions of developers using it.  One of the main reasons for Java’s popularity is the JVM that eliminates a lot of the work required from developers for languages like C and C++.  Many languages also have compilers that generate class files and bytecodes enabling “Write once, run anywhere.”

In this session, we’ll explore what Azul have been doing to radically improve the performance and reduce the latency of the JVM when running applications of various sizes.  We’ll delve into three areas of technology:

1. Pause-less garbage collection using the C4 algorithm.
2. Lightning fast compiled code warmup using ReadyNow! recorded profiles.
3. More heavily optimised compiled code using the open source LLVM based Falcon replacement for the C2 JIT.

Simon joined Sun Microsystems in 1996 and has been involved in promoting Java since the release of the first official JDK.  Simon has been a Java Evangelist since 2001, delivering Java presentations in 56 countries on 6 continents. Simon now works for Azul where he promotes a range of JVM products and technologies to Developers & Senior Executives around the world!


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