Information Security


Rapid technology advancement, increase in threats to security coupled with evolving data security standards and legislation has elevated information security as a main priority for all companies in 2016.

Information Security Recruitment

In recent years, businesses have been forced to react and respond to a range of new threats and risks. Remote working is becoming more common, and data is being stored and distributed in new ways. These new technologies and trends pose new challenges for our data security.

Fruition IT sources Information Security professionals who are ready to take on the challenge and complexity that modern cyber risk presents. With knowledge rooted in real world experience, they are ready to balance the requirements of the business with legal and regulatory compliance.

Fruition IT connects CISOs, CISSP ISSEP qualified consultants, security personnel, auditors and ISO 27001/ PCIDSS experts with the employers who are in urgent need of their skills.

Our network of experienced Information Security professionals includes the following:

  • CISOs
  • CISSP ISSEP Qualified Consultants
  • Security Officers/Managers
  • Security Architects
  • Security Engineers
  • Security Analysts/Project Managers
  • Auditors and Pen Testers
  • Governance and Compliance ISO 27001/PCIDSS Experts

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