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Scala v Java: Which Side Are You On?

In the programming community, the relative merits of Scala and Java have fuelled one of the hottest debates of the past decade. As in all heavyweight contests, each language attracts its own legions of diehard fans. Java is widely viewed as the undisputed champion of object oriented programming, the original Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) […]

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Tech Events in Yorkshire

Tech events in Yorkshire Welcome to our monthly round up of tech events in and around Leeds! 10th February –  Leeds Digital Drinks X Leeds Digital Quiz 1.01010 – Leeds digital drinks just got a re-boot with a quiz based special for their first event of the year! If you’re interested in tech, creative and […]

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Sourcing & Social 3.0 – Diversity & Inclusivity

Sourcing and Social North will be making a return to Malmaison, Leeds next month for our first event of the year – Diversity & Inclusivity.   Sourcing & Social is a Leeds based event for in-house Recruitment and HR Professionals. This is a great opportunity to learn from two speakers relevant to the recruitment industry, as well […]

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