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Java 9 is almost here, is it time to switch?

Java 9 is almost here. Although the update is mostly comprised of smaller quality-of-life improvements for developers, it does feature a major change in how Java works. Jigsaw is the main component worth mentioning with this update. Some devs are looking forward to it, but some seem to be have a negative view, even before […]

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Leeds JVM 1.0 – Java vs Scala

As a business we’re very much in touch with the tech networking groups within the Leeds area including sponsoring key meet ups such as Agile Yorkshire & Leeds Sharp. We started to notice a real gap in the market for the Yorkshire JVM community to network informally whilst sharing knowledge, experience and challenges.   We kicked […]

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Scala v Java: Which Side Are You On?

In the programming community, the relative merits of Scala and Java have fuelled one of the hottest debates of the past decade. As in all heavyweight contests, each language attracts its own legions of diehard fans. Java is widely viewed as the undisputed champion of object oriented programming, the original Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) […]

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