Lessons from the Cloud – Amazon Web Services – The Write Up

Last Thursday, Fruition IT hosted our first cloud based event of the year. We were honoured to be able to invite Ian Massingham, Chief Evangelist from Amazon Web Services as our speaker for the evening. With over 80 attendees ranging from AWS professionals to AWS novices there were plenty of insightful questions and points raised.

Ian’s talk centred around the growth of Amazon Web Services, from the early days, through to how they have grown to be able to rapidly create new services – something they were able to do 1017 times in 2016 alone.

It started by giving an introduction into AWS, who uses their services and why. More specifically outlining the two major groups of users – start-ups and enterprise customers and how they interact with them differently. Ian explained that Amazon understands all customers have different requirements and tailor their service accordingly.

Next, Ian talked passionately about Amazons ethos, it’s values and core competencies that have allowed them to continue their exponential growth and usage. Giving direct examples of his personal experience through to how these competencies are ingrained into their interview process and their team structure.

Lastly and the main point of the discussion was how Amazon listens to the users and consumers to shape their next service, product, or option. Working in reverse, taking problems that users pose, turning them into an initial proposal, building the team around this proposal and then developing their new service. Ian made the point that Amazon never releases or over promises services early, instead they are tested with a select group of customers who may be interested in using them before putting them on general release. That way they can consistently ensure quality first, customers’ expectations are always met and lastly, they always have successful use cases to discuss.

It was then an open floor to questions to Ian which I’m sure could have gone on for some hours!

Fruition IT would like to thank all those who attended and of course a massive thank you to Ian for delivering an excellent talk and subsequent discussion.

If you are interested in discussing further or would like to speak at one of our events please contact me on tom.dean@fruitionit.co.uk


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