Leeds Sharp – Q&A

Fruition IT are proudly sponsoring local .NET tech meet up Leeds Sharp for 2017. This meet up is an inclusive environment for .NET developers of all levels to come and discuss a variety of .NET tech related topics. The aim of this group is to help build a strong local community of coders who are passionate about learning more and discussing industry specific .NET news.

The Leeds Sharp meetings are held on the last Thursday of the month and start at 6:30pm based in Future Labs on the Headrow in the heart of Leeds city centre. Every event is open to anyone who is passionate about .NET and all you need to do to come along is sign up via the local meet up page: https://www.meetup.com/Leeds-Sharp. Free pizza and beer is provided by the team at Fruition IT who are there as a friendly face to answer any questions regarding the local .NET dev employment market.

We asked Leeds Sharp founder Matt Ross some key questions about the group’s beginning’s and growth plans below…

What makes Leeds Sharp different from other developer meet up’s? 

I was told by one of our regulars that he likes that we have more local developers giving talks rather than the usual circuit speakers. He thinks that makes LS# different from other dev meetups.

Why was it important for you guys to begin the group?

We love coding and we wanted to meet other local developers who think the same.

How has the group grown since its beginning? – has this been organic?

Organic. Although starting on Meetup a few years back has boosted our members significantly. Occasional AdWords campaigns recently.

What are your future goals as a group?

Monthly talk show or podcast.

How has the group impacted the local development community so far?

You’d have to ask our members that. I think people just enjoy chatting and hearing how other .net developers do things. Our meetup is also a good test run for wanna-be speakers, and we’ve had a few go on to speak at conferences like DDD North, and NDC.

Do I need to be an experienced .Net Developer to attend?

No. All levels welcome. Although some stuff might be over your head if you’re just starting out.

What is the best part of running your own development group?

Meeting other developers? Hello? 🙂